I am probably one of those mothers who have been touched by all the “charms” of motherhood – a difficult pregnancy, the same childbirth, problems with lactation and its recovery, the lack of normal sleep for children (the son did not sleep for more than 40 minutes for the first time 1.5 years), and later I had to turn into an inventor fairy to put them to bed. The same with food … Nobody wanted to eat on time and with appetite.
How did I deal with the last one?

√ Delicious food, interesting recipes, “hide and seek” healthy vegetables, decorating children’s dishes, joint purchase of children’s dishes and napkins with your favorite cartoon characters

√ No snacks between main meals, and also remember that juice, milk is not water, I don’t give them to kids if they ask to drink. These drinks by themselves can replace an afternoon snack, they are so high in calories. Of course, if you drink a liter of juice per day, then it is not surprising that the baby will refuse to eat. The same goes for cookies, sweets, bananas. But an apple, chopped peppers / cucumbers / carrots / cabbage are an exception, I boldly offer them to children an hour before meals.

Adult feeding baby

√ Never force feed children. In general, this can lead to serious consequences: from reflex vomiting to complete disgust for food, as well as hatred for the one who feeds him.

√ Go for a walk! Only walks in the fresh air in any weather increase appetite, as well as physical activity – football, trampoline, bicycles, or you can just go to nature, to the forest, to the park, to the river with balls and friends! I noticed more than once that they took a walk – the appetite is excellent, and after a good walk, the children “sweep” from the table even those dishes that they usually don’t even want to look at

√ We have instilled the habit of eating together with the children at the same table, it seems to me that there is nothing better than eating together with the whole family, and even better to cook together

√ I do not pay attention if the baby is dirty, I do not scold for sure

√ And also – I stopped creating a stir around lunch / breakfast / dinner, and you know, the less I focus on food, the calmer I become to the child’s appetite, and the children are more willing to agree to eat, I even began to hear phrases like “mom, I hungry or want to eat.

Perhaps my experience will be of use to you. And how do you manage to feed the little one?

Sep 13, 2023