So many disputes about 2-3 liters of water a day! I am “FOR” – drinking is a must, especially in summer, especially in the heat!

After all, water is life itself! Each of our cells, organs, skin and even bones are made of water. It’s true! But why pour it into yourself in so much?

Look, our body is a closed system (as in a puzzle from physics about a pool and two pipes). And in order for it to be in balance, you need to drink as much water as (sorry) follows from us, right?

Now for a rough calculation. More than 1.2 liters. water comes out a day with breath and sweat. And this is with the “unsportsmanlike” rhythm of life. About 1.5 liters. we have to go out (sorry) in the toilet. Already – 2! And if I drink less, will it come out less?! Maybe. But you can’t wash a mountain of dishes with one cup of water, the dishes will still remain dirty. And why is our body worse?

Personally, I am “FOR” to wash it both outside and inside. After all, nutrients are constantly entering our cells and waste products are being removed. All toxins, together with the blood, enter the kidneys, are filtered and excreted in the toilet.

When there is little water, and the concentration of waste in the blood increases, then instead of active excretion, they begin to accumulate in us. What pains follow from this? You may not list. The list will be impressive!

And water in the summer is a source of energy and minerals, it helps to cope with dry skin and flaky lips. Therefore, drinking about 2 liters of water daily is not a whim, but a severe need of the body! This is our health! More precisely, you need to drink water per day based on 30-40 ml. per 1 kg. weight. Well, if you are fond of sports, then you should drink another 200 ml. water for every hour of class.

Sep 13, 2023