First, Fat! Therefore, in cafes / restaurants there are a lot of butter, mayonnaise, cream in dishes – so that it was stupidly tasty and you returned to the institution again and again! Another thing is that from such food you will not become slimmer, I’m afraid, on the contrary! Sometimes even the most seemingly harmless salad can contain a bunch of unnecessary extra calories! For example, the usual “Caesar” is fraught with 800 kcal, yes, yes, and this is half the daily allowance for many!
If soups, then on fatty meat! If it’s hot, then it’s also in harmful breading or a sea of \u200b\u200boil!
I won’t say anything about fast food and burgers at all, as well as about desserts, in the latter, in addition to fats, there is also a bucket of flour with sugar, preservatives / dyes!
And it seems that after eating a piece, it’s okay! In fact, it may be nothing, but, as a rule, few people limit themselves to a piece, and tasting cakes with cafe Caesar and rich borscht every day – you are unlikely to lose weight … Therefore, I recommend that those who want to lose weight cook at home more often! So you can control the amount of oil, sugar and flour in your dishes or cook without them at all!

But what to do, because you also want to eat tasty?!

There are a couple of tricks here!
Top salad with avocado or 1 tsp. fragrant oil, add spices, replace mayonnaise with natural yogurt sauce with mustard, spices or pickled cucumber! Ketchup with diluted tomato paste without sugar with spices! Prepare a cake, pancakes, muffins, pasta, peltbags according to my recipe! I have been developing delicious PP recipes for years! All of them are here – on my free site.

In general, if you want to lose weight well, there are two ways – either cook it yourself, or look for a food delivery service, or there is a healthy food cafe in your city! But delivery can be tasteless, and cafe dishes are deceptive. That’s how much I tried to order a diet menu in a cafe, it’s still not right, anyway, basically, there is sugar, ordinary white flour, butter and bust with calories …
That’s why!
Cook at home and get fit!

Sep 13, 2023